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Six Things to Impress Your Chennai Escort

Most men are nice and when they decide to pay a woman to spend time with them, they are looking forward to some nice time together. In fact, a lot of them go out of their way to put their best foot forward and impress their companion. However, few of them succeed. The reasons are simple:

(a)   Instead of treating their female friend as a unique human being, what they usually do is, think of them as a class.
(b)   They try to impress escorts through their “manliness,” which usually falls flat because the women have seen a lot of such antics.
(c)    Acting like a benefactor or being judgmental is another way to leave a poor impression on the woman.




The key to impress a Chennai escort is not to be found in the boasts of your male friends or the unreliable, anonymous internet forums. The key is to be found within you. In fact, most men already know how to impress a woman. They just do not care to transfer this know-how to their interactions with escorts. This blog serves as a quick refresher of the techniques you may already know on how to leave a lasting positive impression on the escorts you meet.

Pay In Advance

It will go a long way to make her comfortable. Due to the nature of the profession, Chennai escorts are usually wary of men, who can easily refuse to pay after the deed.

Be On Time

Always make it a preference to be on time. And do not forget to call the woman if you are more than five minutes late.

Be Respectful

Before an escort, she is a human being. Treat her like a human, not a tool to satiate your desires.

Do Not Ask for Extras

Discuss with her the services before the meeting. And do not ask for extras because it may make her uncomfortable.



Always Tip or Carry a Gift

Never forget to tip her. A $20 tip is as good as a $200 one. It makes her feel proud and strive to offer you better services. You can also gift her a little something. She will appreciate that.

Be Clean

Just because you are the customer does not mean you have the right to be unhygienic. The two of you will very likely be in intimacy for a few hours. Make it easier for her to connect to you. Take a bath before your visit and it will solve 80% of the issues that may arise due to uncleanness.


Leaving a lasting impression on your escort is as simple as ABC if you keep a few commonsense things in mind; such as treating her as a human being, a friend, and behaving professionally.

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