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When you are with Chennai escorts girls avoid these questions

Chennai is a good place for you to visit. It is not just because it is the capital city of India but also because of its beauty and serenity. People travel from all parts of the world just to come and have some fun and relax in Chennai.

There are different suburbs surrounding Chennai that makes it a perfect tourist attraction sites. If you desire to enjoy yourself and have an experience of visiting the coolest and most romantic beaches Chennai is the place to be.

Chennai escorts

It would be boring to spend time in Chennai without someone to keep you company. This is the reason why we have female escorts in Chennai. You will have fun time with these girls for sure but you also to watch out what you discuss with them. There are three major questions that annoy Chennai escorts and you should avoid them as much as you can. If you hire a escorts girls in Chennai by visiting



Here are the qustions:

  1. Never ask them about their real identity

Most female escorts either working as independent entities or those working under agencies have a pseudonym. They rarely use their real names for security reasons. This is because, many of them have friends and family they wouldn’t want to know the kind of job they do.

It would be easier to finds someone on the internet and in the social media if you know their full names. For that reason, these girls prefer using pseudonyms. It would be disrespectful for you to insist on this girl to give you her full names.

 It is true that you gave her your real names during the screening process but that is very different.  These girls meet so many people in a single day, therefore for her own security she will have to find out who her clients are.

  1. Never ask your escort how much she makes in a day

Just as you wouldn’t want anyone to ask you about your monthly earnings or how much profit you make in your business, it is the same way with escorts. to them, escorting is their career and that is their profession so asking them about the much they make in a month is a sign that you do not respect them.

The truth is, no escort would ever answer you that question. To them you are just a client and have no right whatsoever of interrogating them.


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