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The impacts and effects of Sex Tourism in India

The Sex Tourism India is defined as the trips for the tourists or the travelers organized by the tourism board of the country or the state in a legalized way with a purpose that the travelers or the tourists can grab the facility of the Sex service or can engage in a sexual relationship in a commercial way with the residents at the particular place. Some of the people mostly desire or prefer of having sexual activity or the service while traveling the destinations so they expect the arrangements from the organizers which seems that is the efficient economic sources for most of the people because this type of arrangements and facilities will probably result a lot of travelers incoming and bloom the economic sources.


 Today most of the countries are permitting for the sex tourism India where both male and female are involved. Some of the countries which are permitting the sex tourism trade are Cambodia, Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines, Kenya, Colombia, Thailand and many more. But we also should not forget about the next part of the coin that is though the sex tourism helps in blooming the business of every individuals and as well as government it has got a serious negative impact or the disadvantage on other side. This blog post will highlight the Sex Tourism India in regard with Chennai Escorts girls(


 Another Imperative Negative Point:

The main negative impact is the child sex tourism India and child trafficking for sex trade which is the serious problem. If there is permission for the open sex tourism business there will be increase of the tourists which will result in demand of more sex workers. This demand will result the people and mafias access into the trafficking for the sex trade where the women and the children all could be the victims of the sex trafficking who do not have their own future and even pushed forcibly for the service of sex which is a brutal crime. And even it will be very difficult for government to control such serious crime in their particular country. No law enforcement will be able to control such crimes.


The other major disadvantage is that the tourists who come to visit the particular destinations either domestic or international may be infected by the sexual transmitted diseases or some other deadly communicable disease which will result in transmitting that disease to those people of that particular society and city where the Sex Tourism India is made permitted to be conducted and operating the sex trade openly.


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